1. Meat Katie - 'Back In The Day' 1997- 2002 Selected Works Re-Mastered. PAY WHAT YOU WANT!

  2. Meat Katie & Ben Coda - Dog Eat Dog (Pay What You Want!)

  3. Meat Katie & Chevy One - 'When You're Dead' with Remixes by Craig Williams, The Lucky 23, Beat Tempest

  4. Meat Katie & Dylan Rhymes - Roll Player (Pay What You Want!) with RMX's By Hedflux, Specimen A & Meat Katie.

  5. Meat Katie & Dylan Rhymes - Long Acre

  6. Meat Katie 'Remixed' 25 Tracks - Pay What You Want!

  7. Meat Katie & Dopamine - Believe In Me (with Remixes by Ben Coda & Hironimus Bosch)

  8. Meat Katie - Bizarre Is Beautiful - W/RMX by Anderson Noise, Chevy One, Blatta & Inesha

  9. Meat Katie - Momento Remixes by Electric Soulside, Kosheen DJ's, Aniki, Charlie Kane, Yuhie Kubo)

  10. Meat Katie & D.Ramirez - Stop The Revolution - Part 2 (Pay What You Want!) With RMX by Bassbin Twins, 30Hz, Kid Blue, Bobby Lorenz)

  11. Meat Katie & D.Ramirez - Stop The Revolution - Part 1 (Pay What You Want!) with Remix's by Dubfire, Jamie Mchugh

  12. Off The Bone (1998 Album - re-issue)

  13. Meat Katie - Vibrator (2006 Album) - Pay what you want!

  14. Meat Katie - The Tension EP Pt1(Remixes by Tom Hades, Mateo Murphy, Pressla Boys, Flavio Diaz)

  15. Meat Katie - The Tension EP

  16. Meat Katie - The Tension EP Pt2 (Remixes by Vent, Tony Senghore, Jade)

  17. Donate To Lowering The Tone - Pay Want You Want! (8 tracks)

  18. Meat Katie - The Collaborations (Album) Pay What You Want!

  19. Bee Strong - Meat Katie Re-Work - Pay What You want!

  20. I'm Not Your Train - Pay What You want!
    Meat Katie - Re-Work!

  21. Insurgence - Meat katie Re-Work - Pay What You want!

  22. The World Can't Do You No Harm - Meat Katie Re-work- Pay What You want!

  23. Out Of My Jablonoi (Meat Katie Re-work) - Pay What You want!

  24. Whoosh & Chain

  25. Good Morning Arlo & Midnight In Macau

  26. Bang 100 & When You're Alone


Meat Katie London, UK

Mark Pember (AKA Meat Katie) has released three artist albums to date with a fourth album due for release early 2016.
As a DJ, he has compiled and mixed compilations for Bedrock, Fabric Live & 'Sessions' for Ministry of Sound.
In June 2013 Mark started Podcast series ‘Lowering The Tone’.
He runs and records for his own highly influential LOT49 imprint.
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